Eid & Eat in Perth: Part 1

Alhamdullilah I was given the opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Perth this year. I arrived in Perth a week before Raya. Therefore, I was one of those lucky ones that get to break their fasts at 5.20ish every evening for that last week of Ramadhan. This is due to Perth’s winter season that starts every June and ends in August, so the days seem shorter than the nights, hence by the time I break my fast, the skies get dark quite early.

Though I was fasting, that did not stop me from going on road trips there. Thanks to the nice and cold weather, on my third day, my family and I went to a fruit farm called The Fruit Corner in Pickering Brook. Not only that we could buy fresh fruits and veggies, we were also allowed to pick our own apples and chillies from the trees (with some admission charges of course… I think it was around AUD 5 per adult).

That evening we went to Kailis’ Fish Market Cafe in Fremantle to break our fasts. Lobsters, prawns, mussels, seafood chowders, fish and chips (they even have a Fish & Chips flavoured ice cream and it was yummaayyy!) any seafood, you name it, they got it!

Upon arrival. Our compulsory hang out venue. Makan2 Cafe.
Fruit farm location.
Abdul Matin and his red chilli
An apple a day keeps the doctor away~
Doya In The Appleland.
Seafoodfoodfoodfood! Kailis’ Fish Market Cafe.

To be continued…

Just a heads-up: (typing…)


Stay tuned as Doya explores many more hidden gems around Malaysia Perth but for now, Annyeonggg~



Author: Doya De Exploya

•An impulsive traveller•A moody baker•A dessert lover•

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