May this Ramadhan brings us Nur & Barakah.

Due to the holy month of Ramadhan, I am not able to travel and/or go for food-hunting that much. Simply because:

  1. I can’t eat/drink from sunrise to sunset.
  2. I get overly sleepy and lazy most days.
  3. Partly unemployed therefore I cannot afford anything 😪😂✌️

However, on Saturday June 10th, 2017, I was invited by my bestie Miss Bellpolar to attend a volunteering event at an orphanage home in Shah Alam called the Teratak Nur Barakah. An annual event organised by Yeo’s Malaysia in giving a helping hand to those who need it more than the rest of us.

Teratak Nur Barakah is a welfare home that houses orphans, the poor and the recipients of zakat. The house was founded and began its operations in late 2009 and at present, it is accomodating approximately 28 boys and girls. Like many other orphanage homes in Malaysia, Teratak Nur Barakah’s sole mission is to save the faith and enhance their affection in the absence of these innocent children’s mothers and fathers. (Translated from:

Earlier I did mention that I do get overly sleepy and lazy in this holy month while fasting, I could not turn down this invitation because I honestly do not remember when was the last time I volunteered for something like this. Hence, I thought this would be a good “wake up call” to diminish all my laziness.

When we got there, the volunteers had to gather and register in Yeo’s Malaysia Shah Alam Branch at around 1.30pm. Then we departed as a group by bus and arrived at approximately half past 2 in the afternoon. After a few thank you speeches from the organizers of the event and the founder of Teratak Nur Barakah, volunteers were then briefed on their duties. The duties include:

  • sweeping and mopping the house
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • cleaning the front yard
  • cleaning the toilet
  • folding the dry laundries
  • rearranging and cleaning the furniture in the house
  • entertaining the children (book reading, colouring and decorating the living room)

We completed all our duties at 5pm and got a half an hour break to freshen up, rest and pray. Then, it was SHOWTIME!! We collaborated with the children for a storytelling show and a group singing competition between the boys and girls. We had so much fun cheering, clapping and laughing, we did not realize that is was almost time for buka puasa (p/s – I am not a fan of the term ‘iftar’, its getting too ‘hipster’ for me 🙄😬✌️).

Our food was beautifully catered and as volunteers, it was our duty to ensure these children got as much attention as they can from us. They were our princes and princesses for the day! Thankfully, while waiting for the Adhan Maghrib, we had more time to mingle with them as we prepared their meals and drinks. One of the volunteers even let the boys watch some cartoon series on his phone. Our memorable night was then concluded with a ‘Duit Raya’ ceremony, some thank you speeches and group photos.

To conclude, despite being a lazy fasting hippo, I had a wonderful day and made plenty of new friends. This experience also had my head bowing down humbly as I feel ashamed of myself for all the petty complaints and fusses I have been making throughout my life. 

Picture courtesy of Yeo’s Malaysia.
All aboard!!!

Thank you for having me 😊

Front view of the home.

Colouring activity with the girls.

Colouring & reading activities with the boys.

Patiently waiting.

Minions waiting patiently again.

When you have enthusiastic bloggers amongst the volunteers 😂😂😂

My favourite picture. The boys watching Boboboi on the phone.

A good read. Translate it if you must.

For more details.

Just a heads-up:

If you think you are having a hard life, think again! God will not test you on things that He knows you cannot handle. Always remember that.


Stay tuned as Doya explores many more hidden gems around Malaysia but for now, Annyeonggg~




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