4 hours in Malacca..

My two good friends and I have a habit of taking impromptu trips around KL (which always leads to areas outside KL). Our impromptu-ness once led us to Hatyai, Thailand.

However, this time we departed from KL at around 7pm on a Saturday night and ended up at THE famous Jonker Street Night Market in Malacca approximately two hours later.

MISSION: To hunt down for good food and coffee to wheedle our hungry bellies (because we only had some fruit loaf, Bahulu and plain water along the way..)!

As three hungry zombies, we strolled along the busy night market, we arrived at a beautiful hidden gem called ‘The Calanthe Art Cafe’ which was tucked deep in one of the alleys.

Breathtakingly Cool. Pretty. Relaxing. Nature-friendly. Artsy Fartsy. And of course it had the Hipster vibe to it.


Coffee Butter Chicken Rice. All in one, the name itself, got me like “Aaahhh exactly what my tummy needs!” 

3 out of their 13 States Coffees.

Hafidz, Bell and I. Enjoying good food with good company surrounded by good ambience, what more can I ask for?

Unfortunately, we arrived in Malacca after 9pm and by the time we finished our meals at Calanthe it was already 11pm. We didn’t have much time to explore other cafes due to all the eye-catching street food and accessories displayed along the Jonker Street Night Market (which closes at 12am)..

However, The Calanthe Art Cafe deserves a thumbs-up. I would definitely give this place a 9 out of 10 for their looks, service, creativity in menu as well as their affordable price range. It’s a cafe that I will definitely visit again to try out other items on their menu! As my BFF/guide, Miss BellPolar would say, “It’s a must for me to come here every time I’m in Malacca”

Just a heads-up: 

  1. It is RM19.50 (one way) by car from Shah Alam to the Ayer Keroh (for Bandaraya Melaka) exit via the PLUS highway. Since this highway is now fully Touch n Go/Smart Tags operated only, please don’t forget to top up your cards for the return journey in case there are NO “tambah nilai” lanes available (Can you tell we had troubles looking for places to top-up our card at 3am on a Sunday morning? Hence this tip!) . 
  2. Though there might be a thin chance you could get a parking on the road sides, we wanted to have a “peaceful mind” (plus we were superrr hungry) while walking around the night market, therefore we paid RM10 per entry (for Saturdays) on the available paid parking spaces near the Jonker Street Night Market. 

Stay tuned as Doya explores many more hidden gems around Malaysia but for now, Annyeonggg~


Author: Doya De Exploya

•An impulsive traveller•A moody baker•A dessert lover•

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